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 Peace Of Mind

Wedding and Event Coordinator

Tucson Museum of Art Wedding
Tucson Museum of Art Wedding
Tucson Wedding at the Whistlestop Depot


What are the most common types of jobs you do for your clients?

I am most commonly hired for "Month of Coordination" or to provide Waitstaff for events. My "Wedding Day Management Package" allows me to assist the bride in the execution of her day while keeping her involved in the planning process and all of the decision making. My bride's number one comment after their Big Day is, "Hiring you was the best Wedding planning decision I made!" My goal is to allow them to enjoy their day to the fullest while knowing everything will go off as planned so they are able to truly be "in the moment" with their family and friends. I have also partnered with local catering companies and individuals in order to provide them with servers and wait staff for their events. This allows them to remain a "host" and entertain their guests while all the dishes are done, food is set-up and things get cleaned and put away as if there was never even an event held there. This eliminates most of the stress and worry of entertaining in your own home.

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

My work stands out because of my attention to detail. I cannot rest until the last ribbon has been tied and the last flower petal has been adjusted to where it looks like "it just happened to land there," while in fact, it has all been planned out ahead of time.

What is the most common question your potential customers ask you?

Customers mostly ask me "How much do you cost?" My answer is, "What is your budget?" I am willing to work with all of my clients in order to help them see the benefit of hiring an event planner. There are just too many details of the day to not invest in having someone there to take care of the 1,000,001 things you just may not think about. I let them know that if we play our cards right, I should not end up costing them more than planned; instead, my goal is to save them time and money in the end. 

What do you wish customers knew about your trade? 

I wish customers knew the importance of having one key person in charge at your event. Being an Event Planner constitutes always being one step ahead. You are continuously preparing for something whether it be for the caterer to arrive with the food delivery or dressing the tables before the florist can place the centerpieces or even running out to their emergency kit in the car to grab a safety pin for the bridesmaid whose zipper on her dress came undone before they begin to send the bridal party down the aisle. You have to be "at the ready" at all times and have answers for the people that come to you with questions.

Yes, we may be there just for the day of your event but we have been "prepping" ourselves all along.

What do you like best about your job?

I love that my job encompasses all of my favorite things about life: beauty, love, laughter and joy. Each and every event has a common goal - to make guests feel warm and welcome. I love being able to help my clients and their guests achieve this feeling.



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